Moisturise Your Afro Hair Under a Weave In Three Steps

Aug 19 , 2020

Rochelle Sampy

Moisturise Your Afro Hair Under a Weave In Three Steps

Wearing a human hair lace front weave is a great way to continually change your look without worrying about the styling and dyeing effects on your natural afro hair. However, you can forget about the natural hair underneath as you enjoy the benefits of your new look. 

But take it from the Sta-Sof-Fro team; if you neglect your natural hair under your weave for more than four weeks, you will regret it. Your natural kinky hair still requires some form of moisture at least once a week even when protected under a weave. So, here is our easy to follow ways for making sure your keep your natural curls beneath your weave moisturised:   

moisturise afro hair under weave

Maintain Your Afro Hair Under a Weave: Our Top Three Ways  

Thoroughly Cleanse And Condition Your Afro Hair 

Both cleansing and conditioning of your scalp and locks are still essential even under a weave. Make sure you shampoo and condition your 4c hair every seven to ten days. Don’t cleanse without shampoo as you need to remove the product buildup on your afro hair.

Routine water exposure keeps your afro hair well-moisturised. Be gentle when you wash your hair and follow it up with a moisturising conditioner to rinse the entire product from your hair. Leave your curls to dry correctly. A bonnet or hooded dryer can help get rid of the remaining water. 

moisturise afro hair under weave

Adopt Treatments That Reward Your Scalp

While your scalp can get itchy when you are wearing a weave, it doesn’t have to! Use lighter hair oils such as jojoba or argan to massage your scalp. These oils contain properties like Vitamin E that can hydrate your locks. Additionally, you could also mix our Rosemary oil with these lighter oils for particular itchy areas. Our Rosemary Oil can also reduce the appearance of greys and contains anti-microbial properties which your scalp will love. 

Keep it Hydrated With An Afro Hair Spritz

Nourish your kinky hair from within through spritzing. Spritz your curls whenever necessary or just once every day for the maintenance of proper moisture levels. Please choose a product that is water-based as it works best for spritzing. Also, use a leave-in conditioner for this process.

However, be mindful of not spritzing your afro hair too much. Too much of it will only leave your natural afro hair damp underneath your weave. Having damp kinky hair beneath your weave will cause further problems and so get into the habit of only spritzing once a day. 

While you want your weave looking fabulous, don’t forget that you still need to take care of your natural afro hair underneath. There might be days where you will want to showcase your healthy kinky hair, and so it is vital to maintain it every day. Want to make the maintenance of your afro curly hair under your weave even easier? Try our Rosemary Oil to cleanse and protect your scalp.