4 Afro Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

May 01 , 2021

Nkey Chibuzor

4 Afro Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone claims they know what is best for the African hair. Tons upon tons of hair products and advices are injected into the market/internet daily, and many of these are coming from people who know next to nothing about the Afro hair.
However, when it comes to hair one cap does not fit all. Afro hair is special, unique and different, and so the usual hair care routine that applies to other hair types may not apply to it. You may unknowingly be doing your hair harm. It's time to un-learn, learn and re-learn.

Firstly, there is absolutely no problem with our Afro hair, the problem is with the way we handle it. When you understand the uniqueness of your Afro hair, maintaining your hair becomes easy. Afro hair strand is spiral to zigzag in shape, and is tightly coiled. The zigzag pattern of the African hair means two things; one is that the coils are very springy and bounces back into its coiled state when stretched out. The second is that moisture and oils find it hard to travel down the zigzag-shaped strands, and so afro hair is prone to dryness and tangling. Afro hair (type 4 hair), therefore, requires tender care and gentle treatment to stay supple, lively and healthy.

Common Afro Hair Care Mistakes To Avoid

#1. Using Chemical Relaxers:
Relaxing your Afro hair with chemical relaxers that contain chemicals harmful to your hair is a big mistake many black women make. Destroying your hair's natural coily structure subjects your hair to more stress and damage. Little wonder many people on permed hair eventually get fed up with their hair and opt for the big chop in order to start their natural hair journey afresh.
If you're looking to maintain a healthy and luxuriant Afro hair, keep chemical relaxers far from your strands, study and understand your hair type and its needs, look for natural-based product that will help you manage your hair without harming it, and rock your Afro like no man's business.

#2. Leaving Your Hair Thirsty: Repeat this to your self slowly – my afro hair needs moisture daily. Think of your hair as a budding flower plant that needs daily watering. The best care you can give your Afro hair is to keep it moisturised. There lies the solution to having a soft, bouncy and tangle-free strands. Make sure that any hair product you use on your hair have hydrating properties and can help to lock in water to your hair.

#3. Forceful Detangling:
As earlier noted, Type 4 hair tends to get dry and form knots easily. What is worse than the tangles themselves is trying to get rid of the knots with force. Not only will it cause you unnecessary pains, but you will part ways with clumps of your precious hair. Save yourself the pain, spare your Afro the stress and calmly learn how to detangle Afro hair without breakages. You will also find this article on painless detangling very informative.
Above all, get a good detangling kit for Afro hair. Shop here for Sta-Sof-Fro Extreme Detangling Set. The kit has everything you need to grow, maintain and care for your Afro hair.

#4. Wrong Hair Products and Accessories:
Using products meant for other types of hair (or the ones that claim to work on all hair types) without taking the needs and peculiarities of your Afro hair into proper consideration is a no no. Use only trusted and tested products, such as Sta-Sof-Fro hair products, specially formulated for African hair type. Avoid products with sodium lauryl sulphate and alcohol-based products, as alcohol contributes to hair dryness.
Likewise, rough handling your hair and frequently manipulating it into tight ponytails with hot iron, rubber bands and tight iron clips will cause your tresses to tangle, twist and snap. Give your hair the TLC it deserves