4 Reasons Why Your Type 4 Afro Hair Is not Growing (with solutions)

Oct 16 , 2020

Joke Amusan

4 Reasons Why Your Type 4 Afro Hair Is not Growing (with solutions)

So, it's been years trying to grow your type 4 hair, but its length has remained at 5 inches. You're probably wondering what the problem with your hair care routine is. Well, we're here to help you get to the bottom of this issue you're having. Check out the following solutions to find out how.

Before identifying the reasons why the growth of your type 4 natural hair has stopped, you have to know a bit about your coils first.



The Science of 4c Hair Growth

Of all afro hair patterns, 4c hair has the tightest curls, and it can also have different hair porosities and densities. 4c hair is prone to breakage and becomes fragile as it dries out very quickly. This means that maintaining its moisture is more of a struggle compared to the other curl patterns out there. This could be some of the reasons why growing your hair is a lengthy project. So how do you address these challenges?

Below are some of the reasons for hair growth issues and their solutions:


Type 4 Hair Growth Tips


Frequent use of hair detangling tool

Regularly combing your hair may not be the best way to detangle the strands. It is much better for you to use your fingers instead of any tools. Doing this may take up more time than combing, but it lessens hair breakage. An alternative to this is the use of a wide-tooth comb.

Detangle your hair from the ends to the roots once a week and take note of how much of your strands shed. This indicates what method of detangling works best for you.


Use of the wrong hair care product combination

The right combination of hair products for your type 4 hair may be subjective, and of course you will opt to stick to products that make your strands easy to detangle and more moisturised. There will always be new products and recommendations for you to try out, but never settle for those that do not work for you. Just remember that water is an essential primary moisturiser, so using products that have water as an ingredient will work wonders.



Failure to wash hair often or with a cleanser due to fear of drying out

Type 4 naturals have experienced this issue when it comes to their haircare routine – dry hair and/or breakage. You might be thinking that excessively washing your hair would be the prime culprit, and yes that can be the case. But more importantly, while too much hair washing submits your coils to more dryness, lack of it causes product build up which also creates a setback. Product build up can cause knots to your hair strands. Remember that a clean scalp plays a huge role in the maintenance of healthy hair growth. Cleanse your hair once every 1-2 weeks making sure to focus on your scalp and try to wash your hair in twists if you cannot avoid knots when washing.

Failure to incorporate a mask or deep conditioner into your hair care routine

Deep conditioning may eat up a bit more of your precious time, but hair masks or deep conditioners are amazing at helping retain your hairs moisture. Yes, your tresses benefit from your day-to-day haircare regimen, but an extra moisturising treat can really make a difference. Remember, 4c curls tend to be dryer than the other coil patterns. Choose the Holy Grail that will work best for your afro hair. This will better prepare your hair to grow healthier and more nourished than ever.   



It should not take you forever to grow your type 4 natural hair. You can make your hair growth journey a successful one, without the long wait. All you have to do is simply understand its growth cycle and follow the tips above. Then you will start to see an increase in the growth of your hair. Remember, consistency is key!

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