5 Steps to Build a Consistent Scalp Care Routine

Oct 23 , 2020

Joke Amusan

5 Steps to Build a Consistent Scalp Care Routine

Scalp care is the new skincare. Would you agree? Is having a scalp care routine for kinky, curly hair important? The answer is yes. While there is a need to take care of your afro hair, scalp health also really matters. In fact, it is often overlooked altogether. Keep reading to learn more about your scalp, and why a scalp care routine is necessary.

Now, you're probably wondering whether the shampoo and conditioner routine is enough. There's actually a direct correlation between scalp health and hair health, and this is why you need the right regimen for your scalp as well.

What is your scalp care routine? If you don't have a regimen for your scalp yet, try the following steps.



Scalp Care Tips to Consider

Build a routine for a healthy scalp with this process:


Keep stress at bay

Stress is one of the greatest contributors to hair loss, so try to lower your stress level as much as possible. Maybe you could try out physical activities such as exercising to relieve your stress? The important thing is to stay positive.


Maintain the cleanliness of your scalp

Cleanse your scalp to get rid of sweat, excess oil, and to keep it healthy. Build up on your scalp may result from the products you used, or from pollutants.

Exfoliating also helps to boost the scalp’s skin cell turnover. Exfoliate once a month, or two or three times a week if you have psoriasis or dry skin.


Keep your scalp moisturised

Dryness is the culprit of many of the scalp problems encountered by women. Never take this lightly. An itchy scalp or excessive dryness can damage your scalp. Check your skincare products for possible drying or harmful ingredients.

Keep your scalp away from hot water as much as possible because excessive exposure to hot water strips the oils from your skin and hair. Rather than using a blow dryer, why not air-dry your curls instead?



Scalp massage

Give your scalp a treat by massaging it. Massaging your scalp promotes hair growth and helps increase blood circulation to your scalp which stimulates the follicles.

We recommend massaging your scalp at least once every week for about 10 minutes each time. For best results, use essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, coconut, or black castor oil along with a carrier oil when massaging. Check out our range of hair oils to help you successfully massage your scalp and increase hair growth. Make sure to always mix any of these oils with a carrier oil to lessen potency. This is a simple way to rejuvenate your scalp.



Limit the use of harmful ingredients and chemical treatments

Hair treatments can dry out and even irritate your scalp. Always consult hair experts or stylists beforehand. Better yet, let them do the treatment if possible. Make sure to be mindful of the signs of possible irritation during the treatment process and notify your stylist if it occurs. Always make sure that you are caring for your scalp rather than harming it.

Scalp care for natural hair can be a daunting task, but can be great to the overall health of your hair and skin. A healthy scalp always denotes the health of your hair. Follow our scalp care routine and stay confident.

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