6 Best Hair Colours For Black Women

Dec 18 , 2020

Nkey Chibuzor

6 Best Hair Colours For Black Women

In the world of fashion and beauty, the importance of matching your hair colour to your skin tone can never be overemphasized. Just as different shades of lipsticks complement different skin tones, different shades of hair colours complement different skin tones.

There are particular shades of hair colours that flatter dark skin tones and undertones most. So you need to keep this in mind when choosing the best hair colour for your afro hair. Dark skin comes in different tones and undertones, and is best to choose a hair colour that compliments your skin tone best.

Here are our verdicts on the five best hair colours for black women. These colours are also great hair colour ideas for other women of colour with dark skin tones.

1. Blonde hair colours for dark skin tones

Does blonde hair colour look good on black women? You bet. The dramatic effect of contrasting blonde hair on the bold and beautiful black skin can be compared to a glaze of creamy butter icing on a dark chocolate cake. Simply alluring.

There are many shades of blonde to choose from, but for a classic blonde hair colour for a dark skin go for a honey blonde hair colour. Honey blonde hair shade is, without argument, one of the best shades of blonde hair colours for black women. The rich, warm and radiant hue of honey blonde hair beautifully complements dark skin tones.

Get the look with Sta-Sof-Fro Honey Blonde hair dye for black women. You can give your hair exquisite honey blonde highlights or go all out and dye your hair blonde from root to tip, for a show-stopping effect.

2. Brown hair colour for dark skin tone

This hair colour is sure to bring out your inner glow. Golden brown hair colour, a blend of medium brown and light blonde complements deep complexion in a cool and refreshing way.

This shade of brown is friendly and less dramatic than blonde, but creates a warm and polished look that lovingly complement dark skin tones and brown eyes. Think a steaming cup of warm and richly creamed coffee.

Revive your African beauty with this colour. You can create highlights in a golden brown balayage, dye your tresses a deep hue of golden brown colour or a soft and simple radiant brown.

Get the look with Sta-Sof-Fro Golden Brown hair dye for black women and Stas-Sof-Fro Radiant Brown hair dye for black women

3. Red hair colour for dark skin tone

Red is another powerful colour that works for dark skin tones. Red hair on a woman of colour is simply magical. So bold, so brilliant and so beautiful. Red hair colour fits dark skin tones; whether lighter or darker complexions.


Get the look with Sta-Sof-Fro Rosewood Red hair dye for black women. Sta-Sof-Fro rosewood red hair dye will give your hair a stunning red tint that is absolutely fabulous. Picture your gorgeous afro hair, with all its curls and volume, in a brilliant shade of rosewood red.


4. Copper hair colour for dark skin tone

If you find most shades of red hair colour overpowering, then you should go for a copper colour. A cool hue of red blended with bronze, autumn copper hair colour is the colour you need to give your African hair a sophisticated and striking look.

Autumn copper isn't too conspicuous, but packs an allure that will warm hearts towards you. Whether you are going for a trendy ombre highlights or want to flaunt your hair in an eye-catching shade of rich copper colour Sta-Sof-Fro autumn copper hair dye will give you the desired effect.

5. Blue hair colour for dark skin tone

If you're looking at adding some glamour to your black hair, try colouring your hair in a shade of blue. For african women with dark skin tones or undertones a blue-black shade is a better option than plain blue.

Achieve a mysteriously stunning look with this midnight-blue hair colour that will instantly bring out the beauty of your eye colours.

Sta-Sof-Fro blue-black hair colour will add a lovely blend of black and blue undertones on your hair. With this dye you can add blue highlights to your black hair. This looks great on those with naturally black hair. Or dye your hair in a midnight blue colour for a more sophisticated look.

5. Purple hair colour for dark skin tone

It is no secret that purple hair colour complements dark skin tone nicely. A deep plum shade of purple looks A-amazing on black women, and gives you an instant youthful look.

Deep plum hair colour is a shade of purple with red undertones; red-purple sort of. This colour works for most shades of dark skin tone. It pairs well with brown or dark brown eyes.
So, for a younger-looking you try a shade of deep plum hair colour. Go deep plum ombre on your afro hair for a stunning youthful look or get a beautiful deep plum balayage that speaks class and style.

Sta-Sof-Fro Deep Plum hair colour for black women is sure to give you the look of your dreams.