Get Rid of Thinner, Coloured Natural Hair Once and For All

Jun 30 , 2020

Rochelle Sampy

Get Rid of Thinner, Coloured Natural Hair Once and For All

Hair dye can give your afro hair a sense of uniqueness that it craves. But if that colour is not maintained, it can make your hair look lifeless. Afro-textured hair needs extra care and maintenance, especially when you have colour-treated natural hair.

Colouring your afro can weaken the growth of your hair and make it thinner. But there are ways that you can still keep the fullness of your natural afro hair. Read on to discover some of the tips that the team at Sta-Sof-Fro has used to get fuller, vibrant hair. 

6 Tips to Get Thicker, Colour-Treated Natural Afro Hair

Let's get things right with the basics. First, know what your afro hair type is as well as its porosity. This knowledge will serve as your basis in helping you make better choices in terms of the right products for your afro hair. Once you have identified your hair type and its porosity, here are some of the tips you need to consider to eradicate dull, lifeless afro hair.

Remove build-up

To maintain a healthy scalp with no build-up, you need to wash it every seven to fourteen days with a mild sulphate-free shampoo. After each conditioning or shampoo treatment, you should double your rinsing time to prevent build-up from the washing process itself. 

Opt for a leave-in conditioner

Grow your afro hair thicker with a leave-in conditioner after you wash. Conditioners that contain amino acids, vitamins such as Biotin and fatty acids like Omega - 3 and Omega - 9 are best for your hair strands to grow thick. Instead of creams or butters which can leave build-up on your scalp, try natural Coconut or Lavender oils instead. Our hair oils will improve your hair growth and combat dryness. 

afro hair loss

Trim split ends

Retain hair growth by trimming it about a quarter-inch once in four to six months to prevent split ends. If you ignore split ends, your afro hair will continue to split up to your hair shaft. In this way, you will lose a strand of your hair rather than just the end. 

Get into a deep-conditioning regime

Do your deep conditioning regimen once in a week. This method helps maintain your hair's strength and can make detangling your hair more manageable. If you are using a deep-conditioning treatment, remember to follow the product's instructions. Don't leave it on for too long!  


Use less heat or avoid heating tools

Heat your curl strands less to avoid hair loss which leads to thinner hair. Heat-free styling is even better as it leaves your hair healthier and softer in the long-term. Give your curls a break, once and for all. 

Hydrate and seal

Start by hydrating your hair with a water-based moisturiser at least once a day. If your hair feels very oily as a result of this, switch to every other day. However, breakage and thinning occur when your hair fails to retain moisture. Use a natural oil like Rosemary Oil to seal in the moisture. 

You can achieve a thicker, colour treated natural hair if you follow the above tips for maintenance of your kinks. If you are looking for a dye and maintenance solution, Sta-Sof-Fro has got you covered. Try our Be Rosewood Red shade with our Rosemary Hair oil for a fuller colour that says goodbye to hair loss and an itchy scalp.