8 Steps To Maintaining A Tangle-free Afro Hair

Mar 05 , 2021

Nkey Chibuzor

8 Steps To Maintaining A Tangle-free Afro Hair

Maintaining a healthy, tangle-free hair is one of the major ways you can help your hair to flourish and grow, both in length and in volume. Hair full of knots and tangles looks unkempt and unpleasant to the eyes. It's only a matter of time before the strands start splitting and breaking off.
If you have always wanted to know how to keep tangles away from your hair, read on for you have found yourself a gold mine of answers. The hair care advice you will find here applies mostly to Afro hair; African, African-American, Afro-Caribbean hair types, and their variants.

How to Keep Afro Hair From Tangling

  1. Quench the thirst: Afro hair is always in need of moisture, and is prone to drying off super fast. Make sure your hair is getting adequate moisture as hair dryness is one of the chief reasons why hair strands get all tangled up and knotty. When hair is dry, a little friction between the rough strands could lead to tangling.
  2. Condition your hair: Conditioning your hair helps to soften the strands and smoothen the cuticles, thereby making it easier for tangles to unfold and prevent more knots from forming. A moisture-locking leave-in conditioner is a better choice for conditioning Afro hair.
  3. Oil regularly: the scalp naturally produces an oily secretion known as sebum, which helps to protect the hair strands and support healthy growth. This oil normally flows down from the roots to the hair tips. This works well for straight hair types, but for the tightly coiled Afro hair the movement of the oil down the zigzag-shaped strands poses a challenge. To compensate for this, it is recommended to oil Afro hair generously with natural oils. Oiling helps to lock in moisture and keep your hair smooth, healthy and tangle-free.
  4. Use detangling products: Detangling products are necessary for keeping tangles and knots away from Afro hair. On occasions when hair is full of tangles, such as after loosening a braided hairstyle, it's important to use a detangler in order to avoid hair breakage. 
  5. Cold Water Rinse: Always rinse out your hair with cold water at the end of a wash or shower. This will cause the hair cuticles to close up, and so prevent the hair strands from becoming brittle and dry.
  6. Avoid Heat Styling: Heat styling processes and tools like blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners overladen the hair and damage the cuticles. Apply a heat protectant if you must heat-style your hair.
  7. Be gentle with your hair: handle your hair with some measure of gentleness. Vigorously rubbing your hair with towel in a bid to dry it will damage your hair severely and cause it to shed prematurely. Rough handling your tresses will equally cause it to get all tangled up. 
  8. Protective Styling: wearing your hair in protective style with the ends tucked in securely will help to protect your hair from knots and tangles. It enhance hair growth also, and preserve the hair strands from the negative effects of harsh weather. 
  9. Cover up while sleeping: cover your hair with a silk bonnet to protect your tresses while sleeping. Sleeping with your hair rubbing against a cotton pillowcase will damage your hair and make it dry and knotty. Invest in a silk pillowcase as silk and satin are not as rough as cotton, and so will cause less friction on your hair.