Best Natural Ingredients for Afro Hair: Our Top Eight

Sep 02 , 2020

Rochelle Sampy

Best Natural Ingredients for Afro Hair: Our Top Eight

Let’s face it. Afro kinky hair is beautiful, unique and versatile. However, at the same time, its texture makes it more susceptible to frizz, breakage, and dryness. As the number of afro hair care products increases every year, it can be overwhelming and confusing to choose the best kinky hair product for your hair type.

One of the easiest ways to select a product that suits you is to look at its ingredient list. If you are not sure what these good natural ingredients are, Sta-Sof-Fro is here with our top eight must-have list of ingredients for your afro hair care products. 


As basic as it is, the effects of water go beyond merely restoring your hair’s hydration. Frequent washing of hair does not make it dry; the sulphate-content of shampoos do. To avoid this from occurring, always use a sulphate-free shampoo and spritz water on your tresses to continually moisturize. 

Our Coconut Afro Hair Oil

Coconut Oil

Typically, the coconut oil component of hair products serves as a good sign that a product will work for high porosity hair. Our coconut hair oil is composed of small molecules that can penetrate deeper into your hair. You can use our oil as a hair mask or leave-in conditioner.

Warm it between your hands and work through from your scalp to hair ends. Alternatively, you can also utilize this oil as an overnight hair treatment to leave you with more moisturized hair when you wake up. 

best ingredients for afro hair

Aloe Vera

Whatever its form, aloe vera is an essential ingredient for your natural hair regimen. This ingredient works as a humectant that retains the moisture of your curls. It serves as a great choice if you want to protect your hair from chemical treatments and tight braids. Its anti-inflammatory ingredients also help soothe your scalp. 

Almond Oil

Extracted from almond nuts, this low porosity oil contains vitamin A and zinc to combat oxidative stress and free radicals, which cause damage to your hair follicles. It also won’t wear your hair down, unlike heavy oils such as castor and coconut oil. Want some further information on maintaining low porosity hair? Check this out. 

best ingredients for afro hair


Avocado contains nutrients and healthy fats, contributing to your overall afro hair’s health. You can use also use its oil as a moisturizer other than as an anti-inflammatory agent. It acts as a lubricant for kinky hair strands to give hair a much-needed sign and protection for your edges. 

Jojoba Oil

Unlike other heavier oils, jojoba’s oil is non-greasy which makes an ideal oil to seal in moisture for your low porosity hair. Use Jojoba oil by itself or in conjunction with a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask. As it is rich in natural ingredients such as vitamin B, C, copper and zinc, it can also prevent hair loss, strengthen hair and can act as a solution for dandruff. 

Black Castor Afro Hair Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil is an astringent oil that can be used to detoxify or cleanse your scalp. You can use our Black Castor Oil once or twice every week for maintenance, depending on the specific needs of your afro hair. Best when used on high porosity hair, our Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 acids which can help with better hair growth when massaged into the scalp. 

Shea Butter

Want to get rid of scalp redness, hair loss and irritation? Shea butter could be the perfect solution, especially if you have high porosity hair. It can heal your scalp without clogging your pores. Use Shea butter on all types of hair, whether dyed, natural or damaged.  

While you know that your afro hair needs a lot of TLC, it isn’t always easy to find the right ingredients for your specific hair requirements. We hope that our list has made your search for your ideal hair products easier so you can get closer to healthier kinky hair. If you’re interested in getting a head start on your natural ingredients for your hair journey, consider our Coconut and Castor essential hair oils.