Bleaching Afro Hair at Home: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Sep 07 , 2020

Rochelle Sampy

Bleaching Afro Hair at Home: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

After watching a variety of online afro hair bleaching and dyeing tutorials, you might think ‘This is easy! I can do this myself.’ However, it’s not always the case as bleaching your afro hair at home is more than creating a dye and bleach mixture that you then apply onto your hair.

If you don’t realize the risks involved with bleaching your hair, it could result in further hair loss or damaged hair that is beyond repair. To prevent everything going wrong when you bleach your afro hair at home, here is some of the most common bleaching afro hair at home mistakes and tips on how to prevent them.

  1. Not Doing Enough Research Into The Bleaching Process

Before you consider bleaching your afro hair, you should do more than watch a few YouTube videos. Every type and texture of afro hair is different, and so your hair might not be suitable for bleaching at this time. For example, if you have previously processed hair, you could expose your hair to more damage. Also, if you go for a developer with a higher volume, you could go lighter quicker, but it also damages your natural hair more rapidly. So, think about what you want. 

bleaching afro hair at home

You will also need to list all the necessary items you need before you start bleaching your afro hair at home. It includes old clothes or towels, a mixing bowl, toner, rubber gloves, a dye brush, sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, hair clips, developer as well as a cream of powdered form of bleach. Remember to opt for plastic rather than metallic tools as the bleach mixture will burn the latter. 

  1. Not Reading The Instructions On The Box Properly 

Always read instructions on the box even if you’re a pro when it comes to bleaching your afro hair at home. Instructions differ on every box, and the afro hair colour products may not always be the same. For instance, Sta-Sof-Fro has our instructions on a leaflet within our hair colour boxes. Reading the hair colour instructions will keep you away from committing severe mistakes when bleaching your natural hair. 

  1. Skipping A Hair Strand and Patch Test

Always test the bleach to a patch of skin to see its reaction to the solution. This type of test will determine whether or not the bleach is safe to use for your hair. Do this test 48 hours before dyeing your hair. Apply a small portion of the bleach to the back of your ear or your elbow. Wait for it to dry and then see if your skin starts to sting too much or burn. If it does, don’t continue with bleaching and rinse that part of your skin with water immediately.

bleaching afro hair at home

Remember that you also need to test the hair dye before you bleach your afro hair at home. Make sure you have at least two days before dyeing your hair to test the bleach and the hair dye on your hair and skin. Our instructions within our boxes also contain details on how to do a strand test. 

  1. Leaving the Bleach on Hair for Too Long

Never leave the bleach on hair for longer than given within the instructions on the box of hair dye. The time required for the solution to stay on your hair often depends on your existing colour, its thickness and texture, and the hue you would want to achieve. Remember to check on hair every 10 minutes throughout the afro hair bleaching process. 

bleaching afro hair at home

  1. Forgetting to Treat Your Hair Pre and Post-Bleach

As the chemicals used in bleaching can dry up your hair, it is essential to moisturize your afro hair and scalp. This step could mean staying away from heating tools for a month before bleaching and using our Coconut or Castor Oil to create a protective, nourishing barrier for your hair and scalp. You can also deep condition your hair on the same day that you have it bleached. This process replenishes the nutrients on the strands and makes it healthier and more manageable. 

Nothing’s worse than not knowing how to prepare your hair when bleaching your afro hair at home. So, we hope that you’ve taken note of these mistakes to avoid. If you’re looking for new hair colours that come with dye, developer and hair conditioning Jojoba oils, then consider buying a Sta-Sof-Fro hair colour.