Detangle 4C Natural Hair: Our Top Five Tried-And-Tested Secrets

Jul 20 , 2020

Rochelle Sampy

Detangle 4C Natural Hair: Our Top Five Tried-And-Tested Secrets

Learning how to detangle your 4C natural hair can be a tedious process. While the Sta-Sof-Fro team now has years of detangling experience, we cannot say that we've ever enjoyed it. But, after taking the time to comb through all the knots and tangles in our afro hair, section by section, we've got better at it. 

Detangling our type 4 natural hair in the right way has also meant less breakage and more length. Not making the time to detangle can result in damaged hair cuticles and split ends which means that detangling is also another essential part of dyed afro hair care maintenance.

However, what is the best way to detangle your afro hair? Wet or dry? Wide-toothed comb or gently with your fingers? Rid yourself of this confusion by following our trusted ways to detangle even the toughest of knots for dyed afro hair.     

detangle afro hair

How Do You Detangle 4C Natural Hair?

Detangle According to Afro Hair Type

Know your dyed afro hair type and understand how to care for it properly before detangling. For instance, type 3 hair might need detangling every week, on wash days, or whenever required. On the other hand, type 4 natural hair might require detangling every other week, on wash days or whenever you feel necessary. After cleansing your hair, start by patting it dry using a microfiber towel. Lightly spritz your dry coloured afro hair with water to make it soft. With your fingers, work through the hair tangles, section by section. But whatever your hair type, always remember to start at your ends rather than your roots to avoid further breakage. 

Dry Detangling Approach For Your Type 4 Afro Hair

This method is beneficial for afro hair experiencing shrinkage, especially when it's wet. Have patience with detangling all parts of your 4C natural hair, especially if you have long hair. Divide your hair into sections then untangle the curls with your fingers. Work through until you've detangled all sections of your afro hair. If it's easier, you could lightly spritz your hair using a spray bottle that contains one-part water and the other part conditioner. 

Try A Hair Conditioner Detangling Approach

We've also tried applying hair conditioner on our afro curls and letting it soak. You could try heating your conditioning solution for 30 minutes at most to aid absorption into your hair. Divide your 4C natural hair into sections before loosening the matted hair. Do this methodically and slowly using a brush, hand pick or wide-toothed comb. Be mindful of breaking the strands if you pull them too much. Use your fingers to detangle before trying to comb through stubborn areas.  

Water + Oil Approach

For this method, you will need a natural oil to smoothen your afro hair in conjunction with water within a spray bottle. Hair oil saturates the strands allowing the tangles to slip naturally and easily. Our Black Castor oil can seal in moisture for your coloured afro hair, thus making the detangling process a piece of cake. It can also restore your dry, itchy scalp to its former glory which means less breakage and longer, healthier hair. 

detangle afro hair

Buddy up with a Wide-Toothed Comb

Most women with afro hair recommend the use of wide-toothed comb as a fine comb is likely to increase breakage. If you would instead use a brush, avoid those with balls at the end of their bristles and opt for a brush with wide, plastic bristles. After using your fingers to gently detangle your 4C natural hair, comb through your afro hair in sections. 

Begin the detangling process at the ends of your type 4 natural hair. Hold the ends of your afro hair in one hand while using the other one to detangle. Once you've detangled an end, move up an inch to detangle that section of your kinky hair. Continue moving an inch up until you' ve detangled that entire section of your natural hair.  

Be Gentle When You Detangle

Please continue to practice your preferred detangling technique until you get better at it. Remember always to be gentle when detangling your dyed afro hair to minimise breakage, pain and damage. Take your time when detangling your hair. Take more care at your ends where your afro hair is the oldest as well as the weakest. Think a water and oil approach will suit your detangling needs the best? Try our Castor Oil and start loving maintaining your coloured afro hair again.