Guide to Hair Dye: Semi-permanent versus Permanent Hair Dye

Dec 18 , 2020

Nkey Chibuzor

Guide to Hair Dye: Semi-permanent versus Permanent Hair Dye

Truly, taking the bold step to have your hair coloured can be quite daunting. Choosing the right type of hair dye for your hair needs can be confusing without the right information. We are committed to providing you with all you need to know about hair dyes and hair colours. So, whether you're dyeing your hair for the very first time or you just need to know about the different types of hair dyes, we have got you covered.

Hair colours are primarily of two types; semi-permanent and permanent hair colours.

Semi-permanent Hair Colours

This type of hair dyes is meant to last for some period of time after which the colour fades off and becomes translucent. Semi-permanent hair dye usually does not contain ammonia, but may contain a certain of peroxide. Although this type of hair dyes will not colour your hair permanently, it has the advantage of being the least damaging hair colour process.

Semi-permanent hair dyes, classified under hair colour type 2, permit you colour your hair temporarily, thus making it easy to switch hair colours. However, bear in mind that for those with light hair temporarily colour may end up becoming permanent and difficult to wash out. Some brands of semi permanent hair dye last for just about a week and others a bit longer. They are generally formulated to last for about 4-6 shampoo washes. Semi-permanent hair colours are good for temporarily darkening the hair. Such a hair dye cannot lighten your hair but will only darken the tone.

Permanent Hair Colours

If you're looking for a hair dye that will evenly cover your hair and last until your hair grows out, a permanent hair dye is your best bet. Permanent hair colours will make your hair several shades darker or lighter. It also gives an excellent and even coverage for grey hair. Though to keep your hair colour in top shape the roots will need to be touched up at an interval of about four to six weeks.

Typically, a permanent hair colour will contain both ammonia and peroxide. Therefore, for a longer-lasting hair colour that doesn't fade easily, a permanent hair colour is what you need.

Permanent hair colour falls under hair colour type 4, and is probably your best option if you wish to maintain one hair colour for a long while. These hair dyes are formulated to permeate the hair strand deeply and give it a long-lasting hue. The processing is usually a little more complex but the colour lasts for several weeks and doesn't fade easily. Permanent hair dyes gives a greater grey hair coverage. You can use them to darken, lighten or tone your hair colour. You get to rock your hair in your preferred colour for a long period, and will only need to re-apply dye to your roots to cover new undergrowth.

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