How To Detangle Badly Knotted Wigs and Weaves

Feb 12 , 2021

Nkey Chibuzor

How To Detangle Badly Knotted Wigs and Weaves


Wigs can be lifesavers; and investing in one or two of them is quite worthwhile. They will come in handy on that day you received a call for an urgent interview or have an emergency function to attend, and most especially for those bad hair days when your hair just seems to have picked a quarrel with you and refuse to corporate with you, and no matter how you style it just refuses to look okay. The point is that wigs and weaves deliver many benefits that justify the money paid to purchase them. 


Talking of money, one would think that with how expensive human hair wigs and weaves are they will remain ever tangle-free and smooth. Well, the annoying thing is that they all get tangled and matted at one point or the other. It's not called human hair for nothing, it acts just like one. Just like natural hair is prone to tangling and forming knots, weaves and wigs do also form tangles and knots, and will need detangling.
However, tangling does not mean your wig has outlived its usefulness and is now fit for the trashcan. You can keep rocking your precious wig, all you need is the right knowledge on how to
detangle human hair wigs. 
This is where we come in, we bring you tips on how to maintain your weaves and wigs, eliminate knots and prolong their longevity, and keep them ever looking brand new. In this article you'll learn few tricks and tips to detangling your badly matted wigs, revive the shine of worn-out weaves and restore your weave back to newness.
How to Detangle Weaves and Wigs
  • Use Natural Oils: Apply few drops of natural hair oils to the wig, and comb out using a wide toothed comb or hair brush, combing from the ends of the hair upwards to the weft so as to avoid ripping out the strands from the weft. 

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  • Deep-conditioning: apply a generous quantity of leave-in conditioner to the hair, followed by a dab of hair food. Work that into the hair and smoothen out with the comb. At this stage the weave will be much softer and detangled, and easier to run a fine toothed comb through.


  • Revive the curls: use a good quality moisturising curl activator to restore your wig to life. Apply a generous quantity of the activator if you're working on a weave or wig with curls, in order to reactivate the curls fully.  


  • Lock in: Touch up with a small amount of style locking gel, working the products in with your fingers.

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  • Add some shine: apply few spritzes of hair polish spray for sheen and gloss, and style as you desire. 


ACV Rinse
Giving an old wig/weaves a rinse with apple cider vinegar(ACV) also helps to revive worn-out weaves and wigs. Mix 1 part of apple cider vinegar with 3 parts of water, and immerse your wig in it. Allow the hair to sit in for about 45 minutes, and rinse off with clean water. Dry, detangle as shown above, and style the hair.