How To Detangle Type 4C Natural Hair

Mar 26 , 2021

Nkey Chibuzor

How To Detangle Type 4C Natural Hair


When it comes to detangling natural hair, your hair type will play a major role in determining how easy or difficult detangling your hair could be and what products you might need for that. Truly, in the world of detangling there is no one cap fits all. This is why hair experts always advice that for healthy maintenance of your tresses, you should go for products formulated specifically for your hair type.  


In this article we will be discussing the best way of detangling type 4 hair.

Type 4 Hair

Type 4 hair is generally associated with African hair types. Commonly referred to as coily hair or Afro hair, this hair type is tightly coiled, dry and coarse-textured, springy and shrinks down easily.

Type 4 hair comprise of other subgroups such as

  • Type 4A: characterised by its dense and springy S-shaped coils
  • Type 4B: characterised by Z-shaped tightly coiled strands
  •  Type 4C: characterized by very densely packed zigzag pattern. It shares same texture as 4B but is more fragile and most prone to shrinkage than other hair types.


How to detangle type 4 hair

Dampen your hair: Even though wet hair is easier to handle, the question of detangling your hair wet or dry will depend on how porous your hair is. For those with highly porous hair it's better to wait for your hair to get half dry before you comb it through. To minimize breakages it's better not to detangle hair when soaking wet.


Apply a conditioner: Although many hair experts hold different views on what they each consider the best method for detangling natural hair without breakage, most agree that for the thick and tightly coiled Afro hair there is need to apply a conditioner before detangling such hair type. A leave-in conditioner will soften and moisurize the dry and kinky African hair, thereby minimizing damage.



Work in sections: Part your hair into smaller sections, detangling each one after the other. This will make the hair more manageable, and the detangling process quicker and less stressful.


Oil generously: Natural oils such as coconut, Rosemary, black castor oil are very good for softening dry hair, enhancing hair growth, and unraveling knots for easy detangling. Apply natural oil to your hair before attempting to comb it through.


Detangle with fingers first: use your fingers to rake through your hair and detangle as much knots as possible before you run a comb through your hair.


Comb through: After finger detangling, use a wide toothed comb to comb the hair, working through the sections. Start combing from the tip of the hair strands, and work downwards to the roots. 


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