How to dye hair roots at home and cover grey hair

May 07 , 2021

Nkey Chibuzor

How to dye hair roots at home and cover grey hair

Knowing how to dye grey roots at home can be a great relief, especially when you lack the chance to get to the salon to touch up and cover grey roots. Learning how to cover your grey roots on your own may sound like a complex work but it's really easy and simple. 

In this article we'll be showing you a very simple and easy way of touching up your grey roots from the comfort of your own bathroom. You'll also learn the best at-home hair dye for covering grey hair.
You can easily touch up root regrowth for most hair colours without any need to visit your hair colourist.


A permanent hair dye is more effective in covering greys and new growth. It doesn't fade easily, lasts a longer duration, and gives a better coverage than other types of hair dyes. 
Sta-Sof-Fro brand of permanent hair dyes is the perfect boxed hair dye for hiding grey hairs. The application process is simple and straightforward.
Sta-Sof-Fro hair dye works fast and is non-messy. You'll have your greys evenly covered in the colour of your choice in no time and without fuss. Available shades include Deep Plum, Rosewood Red, Autumn Copper, Radiant Brown, Honey Blonde, Golden Brown, Blue Black, and Black
Choose your Sta-Sof-Fro hair dye in a hair colour that matches the rest of your coloured strands, grab your towel, gloves and a comb let's head to the bathroom.

How to cover grey roots with Sta-Sof-Fro permanent hair dye.

Step 1. First comb through your dry hair, unless you're on dreadlocks. Combing makes it easy for you to target the roots during application.


Step 2. Mix your boxed hair dye as indicated on the pack (direction for use). Glove up your hands, and using the applicator apply the dye to your hair roots.
Make sure you cover your hair roots fully, focusing more on the sections where the grey hairs are most noticeable. Some areas might be more colour-resistant and may need longer processing time. You can identify these areas by how fast the hair colour faded out during application.
Step 3: Allow the dye to work on your hair for the time recommended on the packaging. Rinse your hair. Apply conditioner to your hair. Sta-Sof-Fro hair dye has an accompanying conditioner, and so you have everything you need in one box.
Step 4. Thoroughly rinse your hair, dry out the water, and you're done.
Now you know how to cover your grey roots and hide grey hairs, try doing it on your own next time. Remember to use a great quality hair dye like Sta-Sof-Fro hair dye.