How to Dye Your Natural Hair Without Damaging It

Dec 11 , 2020

Joke Amusan

How to Dye Your Natural Hair Without Damaging It

When it comes to dyeing afro hair, there are many women out there who are weary of doing so. We get it. You’re afraid of damaging your hair. But you shouldn’t allow this fear to stop you from dying your hair a colour you’ve always wanted. What if we told you there are ways to dye your natural locks without damaging it? Let us show you how.


Safety Tips to Consider When Dying Natural Afro Hair

You can switch up your overall look with a new hue, but more importantly, you can do it safely. Here are some useful and safe strategies for you.



The Myth and Truth About Ammonia

Contrary to the myth of ammonia’s damaging impact, it may actually be necessary. Ammonia assists the dyeing process by causing the hair follicles to swell which will allow the hair to be able to absorb the dye. The process allows the dye to go deeper and consequently last much longer. You can go for ammonia-free dyes, but in the absence of ammonia, the colour change is more likely to be mild and may require many applications to get the hue you want to achieve.

The insignificance of Bleaching for Lighter Shades

You can use hydrogen peroxide as an alternative to bleach and, although both have damaging qualities, peroxide is generally the weaker and safer of the two when it comes to lightening and bleaching your hair. However, make sure you know the condition of your curls first before any form of chemical job. Remember, it is destructive to add colour to weakened and damaged hair. Deep conditioning treatments should be given for weeks before the dyeing job as these treatments will help to smooth the strand of your hair and will also reinforce much-needed moisture.




Permanent Colour Refreshment

Once you have dyed your hair and it has started to look dull or faded, you can choose to refresh it to restore the colour without using a permanent dye. There are now many options to do so with demi-permanent and semi-permanent being great ones that will cause less damage. Refreshing your hair with these can even add more shine to your hair!

Remember, the constant use of permanent hair dye will result in over-processed hair which can cause long-term damage.


Product Usage

Use products that are safe for your natural curls. Natural hair dyes like henna are a good alternative to go for as it also acts as a conditioner for your hair making it stronger and shinier along the way. If you choose to use henna or any other form of hair dye be sure to use the products safely in order to protect your hair in the best way you can before, during, and after the dyeing process.



Make sure to use the right application technique. You can do this by making sure you properly read through the instructions leaflet you receive along with your hair dye. Remember to wear gloves when applying the solution to protect your hands!

You can use an applicator brush to apply the hair dye to your afro as an alternative to just your hands. Let the dye sit per the instruction in the box and never keep the solution in your curls longer than advised.




This process involves the proper care of your afro hair after the dye application. Use products that will boost the shaft of your hair and help you retain the hue of your locks. Using a good sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair will help you with this. But remember, to retain the colour of your hair for as long as possible, don’t wash your hair as frequently as you may already be doing. Using a balancing moisturiser will improve the softness and shine of your hair helping to slowly begin to repair your hair after it has been dyed.

Use our tips and recommendations above and before you know it, you’ll be able to confidently show off your beautiful and colourful afro hair!

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