How to Pre-Poo Your Hair After Colouring It

Jul 29 , 2020

Rochelle Sampy

How to Pre-Poo Your Hair After Colouring It

Your afro hair goes through a lot daily. Exposure to heat, dye jobs, chemical treatments and infrequent trimming of your hair can all lead to its damage. Protecting it can be easier than you think, and it involves more than a shampoo and conditioner process.

Pre-pooing is an afro hair treatment done before applying shampoo or conditioner on the hair. Shampooing can strip your hair’s natural moisture and oils. This method provides a protective layer against the harsh effect of that process. But what are the benefits of this process for any curly or kinky hair? And what can you use as a pre-poo treatment?

pre-poo dyed hair

Benefits of A Pre-Poo Process For Your Dyed Afro Hair

When your hair is wet, it causes your hair shaft to expand. When it dries, your hair shaft then contracts. This repetitive expansion and contraction process can create the protective layers on your hair to be destroyed over time. As a result, you are left with damaged hair. Pre-poo oils can repair the damage caused to your hair cuticles caused by this process. 

Our Coconut Oil can attach to the proteins in your hair shaft, which results in fewer water molecules binding itself to your hair. You could also pre-poo your hair for additional moisture to your dry locks so you can detangle your knots more easily. 

Five Steps to Pre-Pooing Your Afro Hair After Colouring It

Begin your pre-poo treatment process using our natural hair oils in this way:

  1. Slather 3 - 5 drops of your pre-poo (oils, conditioner, or any pre-wash mixture) treatment to your hair in sections. Make four to eight divisions to your dyed afro hair depending on its thickness and length. This process can make it easier to distribute the solution over the strands evenly. Apply from the roots and then work your way down to the tips. 
  2. Detangle your 4C afro hair using your finger first since it is much gentler on your curls. This allows you to take control of detangling any knots. Breaking your hair will be spared when done correctly.
  3. Double up detangling using a comb with wide teeth. Make sure you use your fingers first to detangle as brushing your hair with the comb will likely rip through the knots. 
  4. Allow the pre-wash mixture to sit on your hair for at least 30 minutes before you rinse your hair with water. It is even good to pre-poo it longer for better results. 
  5. Lastly, wash and condition the curls as normally done. Thoroughly rinse your hair to prevent any product residue. 

Want a definite way of sealing in moisture, so your hair colour lasts longer? Try our Coconut Oil to get the hair colour you’ve always wanted without compromising on the quality of your hair.