Maintain Your Colour-Treated Afro Hair While You Sleep

Jul 17 , 2020

Rochelle Sampy

Maintain Your Colour-Treated Afro Hair While You Sleep

We do not doubt that you’ve already got your colour-treated afro hair routine down to a tee. To avoid breakage, you might already be using heat protectants, deep conditioning masks as well as using scrunchies to tie your hair instead of elastic bands. Did you know that there’s more that you need to be doing to protect your afro hair? 





This fact is true, especially while you sleep. Many of us aren’t aware of this, but when we are in a deep slumber, we can toss and turn more than we think. Your night routine can cause more damage to your afro hair without you knowing!





How can you make sure that your dyed afro hair remains protected during the night?




afro hair maintenance



Dyed Afro Hair Care Tips During the Night  


Let It Dry


Your colour-treated afro hair is its weakest point when wet. This weakness means that it is vulnerable to further breakage or damage when you go to sleep with damp hair. To avoid this happening, dry your kinky coils before retiring to bed. Microfiber-based towels help speed up the drying process with no heat required at all!




Wrap It Up


While you sleep, your pillow can absorb your natural afro hair’s moisture, which results in dry tresses the following morning. This occurrence can lead to the application of more heat and products to get rid of the frizz. If you had a choice, you wouldn’t like to opt-out of this experience, right? 





So, what can you do? Get a silk scarf and use it to wrap and caress your dyed afro hair while you sleep. The silk scarf aims to ensure that you retain all or most of your afro hair’s natural moisture. As a result, you are less likely to use heating tools to get rid of frizz as your hair is now correctly hydrated. 





Think Silk and Be Gentle



If you want to take your colour-treated afro hair maintenance routine even further, why not try sleeping on a silk pillowcase? Satin or silk is gentler on your curls than a cotton pillowcase and does not damage your coils while you are asleep. 




Condition and Hydrate


Apply an oil treatment to your dyed afro hair before bedtime for its conditioning and hydration benefits. For best results, try our Lavender oil which helps strengthen and condition hair minus the greasy feeling. It has no alcohol and paraben content, which makes it safe for any afro hair. Additionally, it promises less frizzy and more manageable hair when you wake up in the morning! Even more, Sta-Sof-Fro's Lavender oil has soothing, calming benefits which can also help you sleep better! 


afro hair maintenance






Brush and Detangle

Never lay down to sleep with tangled hair. Knotted hair can only get worse when you toss and turn at night. Brush your locks before going to bed so that your dyed afro hair become tangle-free. We highly recommend a brush with soft bristles as they can gently detangle your hair while also reducing breakage. 

Protect and maintain your colour-treated afro hair while you sleep. Remember that protecting your afro hair night is just important as your daytime dyed hair regimen. Wondering how your hair and you can sleep better? Please look at our selection of natural oils, including our Lavender oil, which can restore harmony to any type of kinky hair.