Re-Dye Afro Hair: 4 Steps To Consider When Colouring Over Pre-Existing Colour

Aug 31 , 2020

Rochelle Sampy

Re-Dye Afro Hair: 4 Steps To Consider When Colouring Over Pre-Existing Colour

Once you've gone through the process of dyeing your hair once, you'll fall in love with the colour experimentation process. However, you need to assess when it is safe to re-dye your afro kinky hair and what you need to do to avoid unhealthy, brittle hair. First, Sta-Sof-Fro will discuss the reasons why you want to re-dye your afro hair.

Why Should You Re-Dye Afro Hair?

Are you looking to maintain your new colour? If you want to keep your new shade, only touch up your roots. This process will help you avoid any unnecessary damage or darkening. When it's time to rinse the dye from your roots, moisten the dye and this massage this slightly wet colour through the rest of your hair. After letting this sit for two minutes, wash it off with warm water. Remember to condition your ends to keep it from thinning after the re-dyeing process. 

If you do want to darken your hair from your current shade, you need to re-dye your hair gradually in stages. In this way, you can stop your afro kinky hair from going too dark which will be difficult to correct after. Always remember than going darker is easier on your hair than going lighter.

re-dye your afro hair

When going lighter than your current hair colour, you will need treatments the lift the previous colour from your hair that contains ammonia, peroxide or bleach to clear the hair molecules of colour. You can try other less invasive ways to lighten your hair like a clarifying shampoo but remember that this type of process will take longer. A more robust form of lifter can also cause thinning of your hair which means that maintenance of your hair is more important. If you are re-dyeing your hair a different colour, follow the stages below. 

Four Steps To Consider When Dyeing Previously Dyed Afro Hair

Before re-dyeing your hair, a different colour, you need to keep four stages in mind before starting the process.

  1. Give It Time Before Re-Colouring

Give it at least two weeks before the re-treatment of a new colour. It is difficult to predict your new colour as you will be dyeing over a previous colour. So, remember that hair dye itself does not lift dye. It is impossible to go from a darker to a lighter one without bleaching or using any colour correction process first. If you want less hassle and less maintenance of your colour-treated hair, opt for a darker shade to get a better result. On the other hand, never re-dye if your hair has excessive split ends, dry or breaking. See a professional first. 

re-dye your afro hair

  1. Prepare Your Afro Hair Before a Dye Job

Before planning to re-dye your kinky hair, make sure to wash it 24-48 hours ahead. The natural hair oils on your scalp require enough time to build upon the scalp again after your wash day to protect your scalp and help the colour to absorb fast. So, after washing your hair, wait for another day before colouring it again. 

Brush hair to remove build-up and tangles before putting the dye on your hair. Consider applying Vaseline around the hairline and wrap a towel around your neck to protect your skin and clothes from the dyeing process.

  1. Remove Previous Hair Dye Using Colour Removing Creams

Use the appropriate dye remover for your hair depending on the colour you want to remove or whether you want to lighten your hair. Apply the dye removing solution, cover your afro hair with a shower cap, and let it sit for 15-60 minutes. Rinse and condition the curls afterwards. 

re-dye your afro hair

  1. Re-Colour Your Afro Hair

With gloves on, separate your hair into sections for even dye application. Remember to do a patch test at least 48 hours before your re-dye your hair. Remember to follow box dye's instructions when mixing and leaving the dye on your hair, so you get the best results from it. Rinse out the colour with warm water, not shampoo. Deep condition the curls every few days to provide it with extra nourishment. Do this two times a week to restore your afro kinky hair's moisture.

Whether you want to go darker, go lighter or touch-up your existing colour, re-dyeing your afro hair at home can be an easy process. Patience and maintenance are essential when trying to achieve your custom afro hair colour. If you're on the lookout for some new colours, why not try a Radiant Brown hair dye shade to go darker or a Be Honey Blonde hair dye shade and go lighter?