How to Retain Moisture for Colour-Treated Natural Hair Using the L.O.C Method

Feb 28 , 2020

Rochelle Sampy

How to Retain Moisture for Colour-Treated Natural Hair Using the L.O.C Method

As a woman, you learn to multi-task at an early age. Whether it is balancing your 9-5 with motherhood or your partner, our lives are always on the go. Wouldn’t you love it if your colour-treated natural hair took care of itself? Then try the L.O.C. method, which not only has been tried and tested by afro hair naturalists everywhere but also acts a guide for how you to moisturise your natural coloured hair to leave you with bouncy, defined hair that screams ‘perfection’.

If you haven't tried the L.O.C. method yet to moisture your afro hair, Sta-Sof-Fro would love to divulge further into this topic for you. So, stay with us as we help you understand how you need to implement this method for your colour-treated hair.   

What is the L.O.C. Method?

The acronym L.O.C. stands for Liquid or Leave-in Conditioner, Oil and Cream. This method is unique from other wash-and-go or other styling routines for natural afro hair. It offers a step-by-step way to layer products in a way that makes it easier for your coloured hair to keep the moisture locked in for a more extended period.


Do You Need the L.O.C. Method For Your Colour-Treated Natural Hair?

Yes, of course! After colouring it, you still want your hair to remain moisturised and healthy like it was in your natural days. A L.O.C. method will do exactly this for your coloured afro hair, especially if you have dry hair which always craves moisture. Although the L.O.C. method works best for high porosity hair types, it is an effective way to build a colour-treated hair routine, regardless of curl pattern, density or the number of chemicals your hair has been exposed to.   

How does the L.O.C. Method Work on Your Coloured Natural Hair?

To L.O.C. effectively, you need a paddle brush or wide tooth comb, leave-in conditioner, hair oil with an emulsifier and a hydrating cream. Hair clips and a hairdryer are optional.

Step 1: Application of Liquid or Leave-In Conditioner

Use the hair clips to put your hair into sections. Following this, lightly wet it so it can still absorb the leave-in conditioner. Evenly apply the leave-in conditioner equally through these sections, starting from the root to the tip. Use a water-based conditioner to moisturise and cleanse your hair. When applying a leave-in conditioner, remember to consider the thickness and length of your hair when deciding on the amount of conditioner to use. 


Step 2: Hair Oil Procedure

Once you are done covering your colour-treated hair in conditioner, apply a thin layer of oil on every strand to prevent it from looking greasy and weighed down. You should use emulsifier-formulated hair oil as these oils are mixed with water. These types of oils produce moisture that penetrates your hair shaft instead of only sitting on top of it.

When deciding as to the best type of oil to use for your colour-treated hair, think about the porosity level of your afro hair. Olive oil and castor oil are suitable for high porosity coloured natural hair whereas avocado oil and argan oil are for low porosity. Meanwhile, jojoba oil and grape seed oil work best on curls with natural porosity. 

Step 3: Seal It with Cream

Apply a cream-based or butter-based moisturiser to seal your conditioned and oiled hair. Consider the length, thickness and porosity of your hair when putting on an amount of cream. You can follow it up with the other coloured natural hairstyle products should you need any more definition or moisture.


When should you use the L.O.C. method for your natural coloured hair?

When it is time for your wash-and-go routine, do the L.O.C. method. You can start with a few days every week or more depending on the moisture levels for your afro hair. Try and not go beyond two weeks at a time with the integration of the L.O.C. method with your wash-and-go routine. Otherwise, there is a danger of product built up for your coloured hair.  

Trying a new routine for your colour-treated hair is never easy. But if you want to have glowing, healthy natural hair, Sta-Sof-Fro believes that trying out routines like the L.O.C. method is essential. It is also easy to discard a new habit if it does not work. But before you do this with the L.O.C. method, we recommend that you try it with at least three wash-and-go routines.

And while you are trying out the L.O.C. method, why not try a new hair dye from Sta-Sof-Fro? Whether you are a fun and flirty Honey Blonde or a mysterious Deep Plum, our hair dyes will bring out your best self after the L.O.C. method.