Six Ways to Make Your Afro Permanent Hair Dye Colour Last Longer

Aug 24 , 2020

Rochelle Sampy

Six Ways to Make Your Afro Permanent Hair Dye Colour Last Longer

Once you get the hair colour you want, you’ll want to keep it looking as fresh as it did on the first day. Sometimes your new colour can look brassy over time, and you might also need to touch up your roots. Whether it is black, brunette, red or blonde, dyed hair requires a certain amount of dedication to maintain colour and shine.

Keep reading if you want to maintain your hair colour for longer, without compromising on healthy hair growth. In other words, find out how to keep your colour without having to dye it continually!

Six Tips to Make Afro Hair Colour Last Longer

Extend the life of your hair colour with the following tips:

Say no to hot showers 

Like a dry scalp occurrence for afro hair, washing with warm water will only dry out your hair even more. Use room temperature water to shampoo and rinse. Then dry with a towel, condition and then rinse with cold water to keep your colour and moisture.  

Don’t wash immediately after a dye job 

When you wash less, your colour lasts longer. Wait at for at least one day to two days until you wash your hair. And when you do wash your hair, opt for a gentle sulphate-free shampoo that will be kind to your colour, not strip it.  

make afro hair colour last longer

Prepare your hair before colouring 

About 48 hours before dyeing your hair, use a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up. A deep-conditioning mask used once a week can help keep the moisture in your hair after your dye job. The moisture in your hair will also keep your colour from fading. 

Deep condition less

After colouring your hair, you should still use a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner to get healthy and moisturized afro hair. However, stay away from deep conditioning more than once a week.

Unlike your regular conditioner which will act as a light moisturizer for your hair, a deep conditioner is formulated to go deep within your hair follicle to moisturize it. However, this means that when you rinse your hair, some of your hair colours will go with it. Instead, use our natural hair Coconut or Lavender oil to moisturize your hair daily with just one or two drops. 

Stay away from heat tools for the first week

During your first week with your new hair colour, avoid using hair dryers or straighteners. These types of tools can increase the likelihood of your colour fading as the heat will remove the moisture from your hair. Even if it means compromising on your style for a few days!

make afro hair colour last longer

Protection, protection, protection!

While most of our tips focus on protecting your hair colour in the first few days, you should also make protecting your afro hair a regular part of your maintenance process. Invest in colour-safe styling products as the chemicals present in styling products can cause your colour to fade by opening your hair cuticles.

If you do have to use styling products, don’t use it for long periods. Additionally, find a heat protectant that will reduce the loss of moisture and keep your colour in when exposing your hair to heat styling tools. 

There’s nothing like newly dyed hair to help you feel fantastic again. At Sta-Sof-Fro, we want you to feel this way for as long as possible before touching up your roots or dyeing your hair again. Need a new hair colour to add some personality to your curls? Check out our afro hair colour collection such as our Be Deep Plum, Be Rosewood Red and Be Honey Blonde.