Stylish Hair Colour Techniques and Trends for Black Ladies

Apr 30 , 2021

Nkey Chibuzor

Stylish Hair Colour Techniques and Trends for Black Ladies

There are many trending hair colouring techniques and popular coloured hairstyles making waves in the world of beauty and fashion. From fantastic looking balayage to glamorous ombré touches, to exquisite wet-lights and highlights, the list of trendy hair colour techniques goes on and on.
A change of hair colour and/or colour techniques may just be all you need to go from drab to fabulous. Picking the right hair colour involves choosing a colour that accentuates your eyes and look good on your skin tone. Thank God for the beautiful African skin tone, as almost every hair colour techniques tend to sit well on the African skin. Simply select amazing hair colours that look good on black women, and rock your hair in any hair colour techniques of your choice.
Before we proceed further, let's briefly explain some popular techniques and the terminologies used in describing them.

Balayage: This is a popular, low maintenance technique that creates soft and subtle sun-kissed colours on the hair. A lighter shade of hair colour is sandwiched within, and softly blended into the natural hair. Balayage looks good on all hair types and colours.

Ombré: Ombré is usually of more flamboyant colours than balayage, featuring darker roots and bright ends. No natural colour is left in between, and the hair strands are coloured from mid-length to their tips.

Highlights: Highlights have been around the corner for a while, but still as fabulous as ever. This style is created by alternating sections of natural hair colour with vividly coloured hair. Highlights can be made thick and chunky, or as fine highlights, depending on how thick your hair is.

Lowlights: lowlights are used to add subtle definition to the hair ends, and is created with a natural base tone that lends the hair a shadowy effect.

Wet-Lights: Wet-lights are usually painted onto wet hair to brighten up the overall appearance of the hair.

Trendy Hair Colour Techniques for Black Women
Picking the right hair colour involves choosing a colour that accentuates your eyes and look good on your skin tone. Now let's see some hair colouring trends for black ladies:

Red Hair Colour

Fierce and fabulous, fabulously fierce, fiercely fabulous.... these are the effects red hair colour on a black woman evokes. Red on black is an unbeatable combo, alluringly beautiful and fierce. There are several shades of red hair colour that looks good on black ladies. Rosewood red stands out as one of the perfect shades of red hair colour for black women. It matches all shades of black skin tones, and works on all hair types.

Blonde Highlights

Give your natural hair colour a beautiful definition by introducing some lovely blonde highlights to it. Highlights in shades lighter than your hair, such as blonde, framing the face will bring out the beauty of your facial features.

Deep Plum

This fruit-inspired colour which is basically purple with a hint of red looks good on African women and blends in nicely with different tones of African skin colour.

Radiant Brown Hair

Whether as ombré, balayage or highlights, radiant brown hair colour is equal to the task. It can be played up to appear as subtle or vibrant as you desire.

Jet Black

Want to see the Afro hair in all its glory, dye it jet black. Black hair colour never fades out of vogue. It naturally pairs well with all shades of African complexion, and highlights the lovely features of your face. Little wonder the Maker endowed most black people with such matching hair colour.

Golden Brown Highlights

Golden brown highlights on naturally brown hair puts the G on gorgeous. Place that on a black woman and you have the perfect combination of beauty, class and style.

Autumn copper

This is a perfect colour for every season all year round, a lovely mixture of brown, blonde and ginger. The rustic look and classy autumn copper colour looks great as highlights and very chic as ombré hairstyles.