The Black Woman: Strong, Sacrificing and Stylish (Celebrating Our Mothers)

Mar 26 , 2021

Nkey Chibuzor

The Black Woman: Strong, Sacrificing and Stylish (Celebrating Our Mothers)

She comes in different shapes and sizes; slender, slim, thick, curvy, tall, short. Beautiful and endowed in all the right places. She is unstoppable, relentless, never giving up, and of an indomitable spirit. Society has cast a mold for her but she fills the cast and overflows. Her strength is like that of a river, serene and powerful.
She is a lioness; shielding, protecting, feeding, caring, fighting and fending for her family. Her determination is beyond explanation, breaking bounds and limits, and soaring high above every wall of limitation or cage of perception the world has built for her. In her colour there is beauty, in her beauty there is wisdom, in her wisdom there is strength, and in her strength there is valour.

She is the African woman, the woman with an African heritage. The first wonder of nature, beautiful in her thick kinky hair, confident in her own skin, unlimited by circumstances, a nurturer, a warrior and embodiment of graceful elegance.

The African woman is a game-changer, anywhere she goes. She is a great decision-maker, contributing to the success drive of her workplace. Intelligent and discerning, she nurtures her children with tasty delicacies, love and strength, and on her tongue is the law of wisdom.
Gone are the days she allowed others to define what beauty means, only permitting herself to see through the mirror of what they assumed her to be. She has grown, grown beyond the opinions and castigations. She now defines what beauty is to her, has come to appreciate the delectable allure of her lovely dark skin, find pride in the colour of her eyes, proudly holds her head up to flaunt her unique, coily and voluminous tresses.

She decorates her afro hair in the colours of the rainbow, she knows her dark and lovely skin tone will blend up nicely and indiscriminately bring out the allure in every hair colour. She knows her Afro is her crowning glory, and so she gives it the care, nourishment and maintenance it needs. She has come to accept the uniqueness of her hair type, ditching the word "unmanageable" into the trashcan and have taken the destiny of her kinky coils in her own hands.

She is the senior associate in the UK law firm, the fruitsmonger on the streets of Nairobi, and the dark-skinned model on the red carpets of Paris. She is the renowned professor at a Russell group university, holding down her own in a male-dominated world, the table tennis champion, the Olympics champion, the top-class executive making waves in the business world. She is everything, and everywhere. A reliable mother, a dependable lover and a faithful sister. Fierce, fearless and fabulous. She is the African woman; strong, sacrificing and stylish.