What Type of Developer Should You Use When Bleaching Dark Afro Hair?

Nov 20 , 2020

Joke Amusan

What Type of Developer Should You Use When Bleaching Dark Afro Hair?

Before the whole dyeing process, you must figure out what type of developer to use. Each developer provides a different result to your natural hair, so make sure you use the right one for your curls.



Use of Developer to Bleach Hair

Developers are activators that are necessary for any hair dye to take effect. They help the colour penetrate your hair shaft, and the hydrogen peroxide content of the developer opens the cuticle to deposit the colour.

Note that the levels of hair developer refer to its hydrogen peroxide content and its oxidizing potential. Most hair dye formulas and bleaches use developers of volumes 10, 20, 30, and 40. – The higher the number, the more hydrogen peroxide.

Developers lift the level of your afro hair colour depending on its strength. While low volume developers are already enough to lift the hair cuticle, a higher volume developer may be necessary for bleaching if you would like to go for a lighter look.

Keep reading to learn more about the various volumes of developers below.



Types of Developers to Bleach Hair (Dark Afro Hair)

Use the right developer to bleach your dark strands. Here are your choices:


Volume 10 Developer

The volume 10 developer could be the best option for you if you just want to add a tint or soft tone to your hair while keeping its same color level. Note that it is the weakest of all the developers and so you may have to go through many rounds of bleaching with this one. This developer is best used if you are going for a darker look but need to lift some of your current colour to achieve it.


Volume 20 Developer

This developer is one of the more widely used ones. Opt for the volume 20 developer if you wish to lighten your hair by 1-2 levels. When mixed with a toner, this developer will also help you achieve some lift.


Volume 30 Developer

The volume 30 developer works well at lightening your coils and enables the pigment to embed into your hair’s shaft. This can be a great option if you are aiming for a lighter and lasting color on your hair. Due to its 9% hydrogen peroxide content, ensure you adhere to the application time as leaving this developer on your hair too long can result in irritation to your scalp.


Volume 40 Developer

The volume 40 developer is the strongest of all the developers and works best if you have very dark to black hair as it will lift your tresses by many shades. However, note that this developer can also be the most damaging. You may need the help of a hairstylist or specialist to guide you in doing this regimen to ensure this will be done in the safest way possible.


In finding out the appropriate developer to bleach ratio, remember to base it on your desired results. The developer is mixed with the hair dye to give it a lift which is necessary to lighten up your natural dark hair. With proper care, you will be sure to dye your hair a shade that you will love and that will surely turn heads!

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