Hair dyes for afro hair


The journey towards feeling like and being a better black woman doesn’t have to be boring. Try any of our seven long-lasting hair dye colours that will give stronger, healthier-looking hair.


Do you love slaying your goals or are you more fun and flirty kind of woman? Are you a sassy badass or someone who’s not afraid to be strong even when things get tough?


Sta-Sof-Fro’s hair colours are more than just a shade. Each of them comes with a personality as unique as you. Find out which one you are.


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Afro hair growth oils


Are you looking for moisturising afro hair growth products that:

  • Reduces afro hair loss
  • Relieves and banishes your flaky, itchy scalp
  • Maintains the thickness of your afro kinky hair after dyeing it
  • Acts as a natural conditioner for moisturising dry afro hair
  • All the above


Then moisturise your natural hair with our rosemary, coconut, castor and lavender afro hair growth oils.  


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